Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ratatouille (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo)

Everybody was talking about ratatouille in the entertainment shop last week. The kids were mad about it and desperately asked mum to buy the movie.  My curiosity aroused, I also decided to buy the movie. What I discovered was a wonderfully and brilliantly made animated story of a rat who was inspired by a Chef; Gusteau and wanted to be a chef in turn.

"A scrawny rat named Remy (voice of Patton Oswalt) finds his dreams of culinary superstardom stirring up sizable controversy in the kitchen of a fine French restaurant. It's hard being a rat with culinary aspirations, but Remy is convinced he has what it takes to break the stereotypes and follow in the footsteps of star chef Auguste Gusteau (voice of Brad Garrett)."movie info on Roten Tomato.

The story begins with Linguini a shy and cool boy who is hired in the kitchen of Gusteau's restaurant as a garbage boy. One day while cleaning, he accidentally spills a pot of soup and attempts to create it. Meanwhile Remy the aspired little rodent accidentally falls into the kitchen after being seperated  from his family pack in a flood. He corrects the soup and saves Linguini from trouble. To the amazement of everybody the soup is served and is successful among customers. Skinner is sceptical and put Linguini's skill under test. The latter will be now trained by Colette the only female staff. A bond is developed between Linguni and Remy by being helpful to each other. The former receives credit for the soup while helping the latter to fulfill his dream of becoming Chef. Communication though seems to be a problem between the garbage boy and his rat but the intelligent little rodent immediately finds a solution. By pulling Linguni's hair, he dictates him what to do.

From that moment on the truth is unveiled. Skinner, the restaurant current owner disccovers that Linguini is the son of the late Gusteau and the proper heir of the restaurant. Remy uncovers Skinner's evil plan to use Gusteau's name for marketing microwave dinners. Following the situation Remy leads Linguni into dismissing Skinner.

Ratatouille (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo)
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Restaurant critic Anton Ego, whose previous review cost Gusteau's one of its star ratings, announces he will be re-reviewing the restaurant the following evening. Meanwhile the staff discovers that the so famous ratatouille that every one loves is prepared by a rat. Disgusted they leave the restaurant one by one but Colette who is now in love with Linguini comes back after recalling Gusteau's motto, "Anyone can cook".  For Anton, Remy and Colette create a variation of ratatouille, which brings back to Anton memories of his mother's cooking. Anton requests to see the chef. After being showed how Remy and the rats perfectly do the cooking, he writes a self-castigating and glowing review for the newspaper the next day, stating that Gusteau's chef is "nothing less than the finest chef in France".

An animated movie worthy to be watched a thousand times. The audience sees a completely different facet of rat. I am sure that kids who watched the movie dreamt of having a personal friendly rat to help them in their daily task. Besides it also teach humans to show respect to animals. The poor little rodents are targetted by us humans. Each time we come in contact with one, we try to it. Poor rodents are forced to live in holes and hidden place. Have we taken the time to learn who they are. Surely not chefs but at least there is something to learn from them. Ants teach lazy people how they are hard working insects. Gathering food during summer for winter. What do rats have to teach us humans?